The problem with free website builders

March 08, 2014
So this may sound like a sales pitch to generate business, but those who know me, also know that I am not a salesman.  Take this as advice and thoughts to ponder from a guy that has been in the IT Industry for two decades.

Free website builders or “build it yourself” sites, the ones that are advertised everywhere, are not suitable for business or really anyone.  These sites claim, everything from “drag and drop” tools to “no code” beautiful templates that even a child could manage.  Folks, from a developer standpoint, they are junk.  I recently moved Our place Cafe off of a very popular product because the tools were useless, the site was hideous and traffic was non existent.  Now Our Place Cafe is averaging over 100 hits per day and growing, with an easy to configure product that has almost unlimited functionality.

Your brand is everything and these sites do not cater, care or have the ability to custom design a solution.  It’s that simple.  Most of these services have a limitation on the amount of content and pages.  They do not provide advanced analytics, which is critical for understanding traffic patterns and demographics of visitors.  Their search engine optimization is generic and does not get your brand noticed on Google, Bing.. etc.  You will get generic email if any and last but not least, you may be signing away your domain name.  Most of these sites consider your .com address their property, and may either refuse to transfer ownership or charge hefty fees to move it away.

Websites today don’t stand on their own.  Much of their traffic is driven by social media so integrating with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc  is critical.  Your site should be a brochure of everything you or your product is about.  It is your digital persona and should not be left to cheap, badly formatted “one size fits all” products.  Think about it, and If you need help, give me a call or shoot me a message.

Thanks again.

Mike Cook

(615) 714-4486

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