What is Chicken House?

March 03, 2014
ChickenHouse is a concept that has been in the works for many years.  I have been in the public safety IT industry for over twenty years and wanted to offer that knowledge in the form of web design and small business networking.

So why ChickenHouse you ask?  Well the name comes from the fact that we raise chickens in the middle of the city.  The chicken eggs are part of our quest for healthier eating and we incorporate it with fresh vegetables from our garden.  My son Riley helps with their needs and learns responsibility in the process.  My wife Crystal cooks up amazing recipes using the ingredients and we love the fact that it teaches us all better eating habits.  Riley came up with the ChickenHouse name and I gave it some design magic.

I plan to post updated news and pictures of our chickens as they are an important part of our lives.  I hope you enjoy the site and thanks again for stopping by …  – Mike Cook

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